A Customized Smart Home Experience Tailored Just for You
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What to Expect

Home technology designed just for you.

We listen. We learn. Then we use our experience and product knowledge to offer you solutions that turn your home into an extension of your lifestyle. Once you share your vision with us, we’ll recommend home technologies that reflect your preferences. Throughout the process, you’re in control—our technology craftsmen are here to support your vision. Once we’ve designed a system that meets your needs, you can sit back and relax, knowing our craftsmanship and expertise speak for themselves.

What To Expect

Automatic blinds that adjust to the movement of the sun? Check. Surround sound that can blow your neighbors’ ears out? Consider it done. A single remote to control all your smart home systems? You got it.

During the design phase of our process, the Advanced Home Technology Craftsmen will seek to understand your lifestyle and your expectations for your custom home technology system. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we’ll recommend systems and features to fulfill that vision. We carefully select every element of your system and test them for performance, integrity and ease-of-use. The Advanced Home experts do their homework so your system works flawlessly and simply from day one.

Working with a builder? That’s no problem for the Technology Craftsmen. We’re often asked to partner with builders to deliver fully integrated home technology solutions you and your family can enjoy as soon as you step foot in your new home.
Advanced Home keeps you informed throughout our three-step installation process.
  1. Rough-In Stage: Just like it sounds—we rough in the low-voltage wiring that supports every component of your home system.
  2. Trim Stage: Getting closer! Once the rough-in is complete, we install the interfaces, keypads, speakers and brackets that will bring your system’s components to life.
  3. Final Installation: Where the magic finally happens. We install your system components and test them thoroughly to ensure they’re working properly and integrating flawlessly with the rest of your system. Once we’re satisfied, we invite you and your family to give your new smart home a test drive.
Wondering what kind of mess to expect during installation? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Our technicians are meticulous and work carefully, not making a mess. At the end of each work day, we clean every work area and return it to its original arrangement. Aside from your new system’s wiring and components, you won’t even know we were there.
Your smart home should never make you feel stupid. Advanced Home technicians are here to help you understand how to operate every component of your smart home and answer questions that may arise as you start to enjoy your system. Many of our system components communicate electronically with us so we can resolve most technical issues remotely, before you even know there’s a problem. If that’s not simple, we don’t know what is.
“Advanced Home techs are super capable. I don’t have to think twice.”