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Smart Home Design

Smart Home Design Services

Finally, a home in tune with your lifestyle.

You wake up to your favorite music playing softly out of the speaker located near your nightstand. The music follows you into the bathroom and then to the kitchen, where your coffee’s waiting for you. Now that you’re up, your thermostat brings the temperature up to 70 degrees and your shades rise to let in the morning sun. You ask your smart speaker to share the news, weather and traffic before heading out for the day. While you’re gone, your security system keeps an eye on your home, turning itself off as you pull into the garage. Since it’s evening, the landscape lighting in your front yard illuminates your front walk and after dinner, you and your family enjoy a movie in your home theater.

This is how easy it is to enjoy your home with Advanced Home’s integrated, automated smart home solutions. Control your lighting, security, and entertainment from a single remote. We can bring your home in tune with your lifestyle.

“Advanced Home’s quality and service are above average and for that, I don’t shop around for multiple quotes.”